Domaine Nadine Ferrand : le vin au féminin

History :
A family tradition continuing for four generations now, Nadine Ferrand has overseen winegrowing on the vineyard since 1984. With profound intuition and courage over the years, she has transformed and developed the Vineyard into 11.5 stunning acres in the heart of the Pouilly Fuissé.


In 2012, Nadine’s eldest daughter, Marine, became a principal part of the family business after having worked in the United States, learning best practices for marketing and selling wine. Since being hired, Marine has brought with her innovative ideas while continuing the Family philosophy of “the Chardonnay, expressing itself with a feminine touch.”


The Vineyard’s Appellations :
Pouilly Fuissé, Saint Veran, Mâcon Solutre Pouilly, Macon Village, Mâcon Blanc, Crémant de Bourgogne.

Winemaking and Wine Growing :

Whether in the vineyard, in the office or in the cellar, the Domaine Nadine Ferrand winemakers are continuously working to improve the quality of the wine—ensuring that each bottle is the best it can be.
By building their own cellar within the last decade, the company has been able to combine modernity and tradition to create wines with a truly unique taste.
Futhermore, the sensibility of the Ferrand women brings a special touch which is their authentic signature.




Exporting : “Our Expertise”

Domaine Nadine Ferrand exports to Europe, the United States and over 10 countries around the World. With the hiring of Marine, Domaine lays the foundation for a strategy of international notoriety.



Recognition of professionals :
Present in most National and International competitions, Nadine’s production is rewarded by professionals and amateurs.
This spirit of knowledge and passion for wine, remain the strength of the vineyard.