Saint Véran

GÉOLOGY : Clay and chalky soils of the Jurassic, the vineyards lie on small sloping areas facing East/South-East with an altitude between 250 and 300 metres.
AVERAGE AGE : 30 years old
GRAPE : 100% chardonnay

Traditional, matured in stainless steel and enamel vats, pneumatic pressing, decanting in termo regulated vats. Total control of temperatures during fermentation with a cooling system in each container. Decanting and assembling at the end of April. Bottling between April and September.

The colour is light gold with a few golden glints. It is very intense on the nose and boasts aromas of peach, apple and pear along with a touch of lemon when swirled. There is first a touch of fresh almonds then lemon and pineapple flavours leave a slightly acid taste in the mouth.

RECOMMENDED DISHES : Fish, shell fish, poultry, "andouillettes" and goat’s cheese.
AGEING : 5 to 7 Years.